Making healthy changes is often easier said than done, and what works to get fit guys fitter does not work for the other 90%. This is what “fit guys getting fitter” is: Spending hours at the gym, trendy workout clothes, doing that extra rep at the risk of fainting, flexing your bicep in front of the mirror. Sound familiar?

Don’t get us wrong – we love gyms and sports. But we also believe that moving shouldn’t be so hard. Getting active is more than a bicep. More than a solid workout. More than ‘fitness’. So we created a MOVE Manifesto – do you agree with it?

Here’s to the healthy ones – A MOVE MANIFESTO


1. The only “set” you need is an active MINDset

What could I do today to add a bit of extra movement?

What could I do today to add a bit of extra movement?

When we decide to get in shape, our next thought is often something like “I should go shop for new running shoes” or “I’ll sign up for a gym, but not until January”. This is typical – we delay until some other thing has happened and we’ll “be ready”.

Here’s the deal – you don’t need lots of gear or the right time and place to get active. You could start right here, right now. Sitting down to read this? Stand up! Standing to read this? Do 10 squats. Or sit with your back against the wall for 30 seconds. The only thing you need to get active is an ACTIVE MINDSET. A mindset that thinks – “How could I add a bit of extra movement to my day today?”. Movement can happen anytime, anywhere.


Make the world your gym

Make the world your gym

2. Movement SHOULD happen anytime, anywhere

Not only CAN movement happen anytime, it SHOULD happen anytime. Here’s a fact – if you are sedentary during the day, an hour at the gym after work does NOT undo the harmful effects from a day of sitting. To reverse those effects you NEED to be active all the time.

So don’t wait to get to the gym to get active, make the world your gym! Start walking to work, get a standing desk (or build your own out of a stack of books), make it a habit to squat while brushing your teeth, walk an extra block to the grocery store, or join your kids running around in the yard. Even if you don’t make the gym, you’ve still had an active day!


3. Small things matter

A 10 minute workout is still a workout

A 10 minute workout is still a workout

Let go of the thought that “I will only do a workout if I can fit in at least 45 minutes”. Even the smallest effort matters. Live by some of the following rules:

“I’ll just do 10 reps. That’s more than 0.”

“I’ll start with a 10 minute workout – if I want to go on, I will. But I don’t have to”

“A 10 minute workout is still a workout!”

When you start thinking about movement like this you remove a lot of the stress that we often associate with getting fit. And guess what – these small things do add up over time to make a massive difference. The small things matter.


4. FUN movement = effective movement

No fun, no fit

No fun, no fit

Some love a workout where you taste the blood and sweat as you do that last rep in agony, telling yourself “No pain, no gain”. If you love that, go for it.

We believe, and science backs it up, that one size does NOT fit all. Fit guys getting fitter need something else than the other 90% of us. Know this: when you like what you do, you are MUCH more likely to stick to it. No fun, no fit. If you start a spinning class because it’s “hip” but you despise every second of it, you’re unlikely to keep going. Instead, find things you LOVE! And don’t be afraid to be playful or think out-of-the-box. Climb a tree, challenge someone to a snow fight, or organize a high-paced paintball match. Gets your heart racing AND your brain flooded with pleasure hormones!


Move because you love your body, not because you hate it

Move because you love your body, not because you hate it

5. Move because you love your body, not because you hate it

Sadly, too often we’re motivated to get active by a few extra pounds. We hate our weight, we hate our body, and we end up hating ourselves. Our motivation for moving is fuelled by self-hate. Now that doesn’t sound healthy, does it?

Instead, move because you love your body. Move because you’re keeping off nasty diseases by staying active. Move because your 60-year old self will be able to travel the world. Move because you at 80-years will be able to walk with a straight back. Move because you feel good. Move because you love yourself.


Don't compete when there's no competition

Don’t compete when there’s no competition

6. Compete only if it feels good

Competition, at it’s best, gives you an adrenaline rush and a sense of achievement! Too often, however, competition leaves us feeling worse. Too often a leaderboard only works for the top two – for the rest it’s a ‘loserboard’.

Compete only if you like it and feel motivated by it. But don’t feel obligated. Also, don’t compete when there is no competition. For example, comparing your waistline to someone else’s at the gym is not a competitive situation. Don’t make it one.


7. There’s no “fail”. There’s only a new day.

There is not fail. There is only a new day.

One reason we give up physical activity is the feeling of failure. We take on too much, keep it up for a while and feel GREAT. Then something happens (we fall ill, our kids fall ill, there’s a lot going on at work…) and we fall off the wagon. With each passing inactive day it gets harder to get back into it.

You feel like you failed. And for some reason your mind reacts by resisting to return, because that will remind you that you’re not as good as before.

Give up that thinking. Simply let it go. Every day is a new day, and every day is an opportunity to be active. If you can’t make it to the gym, refer to points 1, 2 and 3 above and move forward. You haven’t failed, you’ve just taken a break. Tomorrow’s a new day.



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