On the second week in November the YOU-app Week Action was “Look beyond appearance”:

We live in a culture obsessed with how we look and portray our life. From glossy magazines to “real lives” on social media we’re prompted to feel increasingly self-conscious.
So share a story that looks beyond appearance and uncovers a personal story. Have you been judged based on your appearance? Have you ever been taken aback by finding that the first impression does not match the person? Have you looked at someone differently after learning their story – a homeless person, a relative or a celebrity?


We were blown away by the posts.
Here’s one of them by Carol from Ireland:

IMG_5551-pic and title

“Being Judged… I was the type of person that had a mask for every occasion

The ‘yay happy’ mask when my friend/niece/sister has had a baby when I’m dying inside because I can’t have any of my own.
The ‘I’m confident’ mask when I am faced with new challenges when all I wanna do is run away and wear my scared mask.
The ‘yes of course’ mask when I’m asked to do something I don’t want to do but being a people pleaser still say yes and do.
The ‘I’m ok’ mask on the days I’m feeling depressed and don’t want to do anything but feel I have to keep going…

The list is endless and on going and the masks have changed down through the years but the person behind the mask hasn’t! I have spent so long trying to help/please others and not myself and it has led to health issues from physical to mental and emotional. I have fallen guilty to judgement not only from others but from myself.

So a year and a half  ago I had my light bulb moment and realised I was standing in my own way!! That if I want people to see me for who I am behind the mask and accept me then I would have to start with myself.

This has not being an easy road and it is still ongoing as there are times when it’s easier to be behind the mask. But with help from friends and family I have learned to accept myself for who I am, value the person I am and appreciate myself flaws and all. This has led to better lifestyle, better health and emotional and mental wellbeing. I have lost nearly 14 stone, I have changed my work ethic and added more challenges that have evoked great passion in me for my career path. I am a better mother to my foster children and wife to my amazing Hubby. But to top it off I have NO mask, I am who I am and can say no when I need to and I’m beginning to feel beautiful inside and out. 

Once again a perfect action at a perfect moment in time @YOU_team I have to say this app just gets better and it has been a very helpful tool in my journey – thanks!”

Carol, Ireland


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