We are the excited kind, but with this one we can barely keep still!
We are proud to announce the publication of “The Book of YOU” by Penguin Books on Dec 31st 2015!

What “The Book of YOU” is about

The Book of YOU is based on the same philosophy as YOU-app – the power of small changes to have a positive impact on your life.
The book is filled with small things you can do today to live happier and healthier. Concretely, 365 micro-actions, one for every day of the year – most actions are the same as in the app, some are new. It’s easy to dip in and out of, pick the actions that suit you, and use like a diary throughout the year!

From app to book – the short story

Our mission is to have a positive impact on people’s lives – hence, we need to be in any format people use. Apps reach many, but not everyone is attached to their digital devices. So, when we were approached by Penguin to create a book, we were immediately sold!

Lindsey Evans at Michael Joseph of Penguin Books, says: 

“I started to use the app at the start of this year and became a huge fan of the way in which it helped me to make small changes in my life, for the better.

It got me thinking that the actions would translate well into a small format book, one that you can carry around with you to make notes in, to write down your goals or a recipe, or the title of the latest book you’re reading and what you enjoyed about it.

It’s about taking time out for yourself –  just a few minutes a day – to appreciate beauty around you, to do a random act of kindness, to try out a new ingredient or to use your time whilst running the bath or waiting for the kettle to boil to fit in some squats or a planking exercise.”

Can I combine the app and the book?

We know what you’re thinking – “But if I have the app, what will I do with a book?”. The app and the book actually complement each other really well.

  • The app has a social element with the community and photos from around the world
  • The book is more of a personal companion, almost like a diary

You may find that your preferences change – sometimes you want a mobile companion, other times the pages to scribble on appeal more.
As with using the app – make it yours!


We hope we don’t come off too “salesy”, because we truly believe this is a great tool for many. So…

  • …are you stuck for holiday gifts?
  • …want to complement YOU-app with something different next year?
  • …know someone who’d prefer a book to an app?

Pre-order The Book of YOU HERE!

Warm regards,
YOU-team and Penguin Books