Winds of change have been blowing through the YOU-app office:

  • We recently introduced a new concept: Action packs.
  • We’ve tested and launched a few paid action packs.
  • And today we re-launched it all in the iOS app under “Focus”!


In this post we’ll answer questions from the community about these changes and what’s coming next (spoiler alert: next we’ll focus on Android, community and content quality).

Q: Why action packs?

Action packs are designed to help you address a larger goal by dividing it into small, manageable actions:

  • PROGRAMS: Most packs are 2-3 week programs with 10-25 actions each
  • THEMES: Each pack is broken down into different themes – for example the intro pack on mindfulness has themes like “Focus on you”, “Being present” and “Appreciation”
  • ORDER, WITH FREEDOM: The actions have a suggested order, but you are welcome to jump around as you wish in the action pack view!
  • HABITS: When you finish an action pack you can pick a Keep-it-up Action to help make your changes stick (bonus: soon you’ll be able to add more than one KIU!)


Q: Why is some content payable?

To keep the app and community going and most of the content free we’ve decided to make part of the content payable. All without jeopardizing the integrity of the service – we hope it feels honest, transparent, that that the packs provide clear value to you users!


Q: When will this be on Android?

We’re sorry we can only provide this on iOS to start off. The re-launched Android version is now in the making and will come to testing during summer!


Q: Do you think the community will survive that some of the content is made payable?

Maintaining the feel of an equal community is a top priority for us. The core of the app and where most of the daily community interaction happens, the Action of the Day and the Week Actions, are and will remain free!

We don’t want to make anyone feel like they HAVE to pay, and we want to keep the prices of the packs affordable so that if you need it, price shouldn’t be a hindrance.


Q: Okay, what’s up next?

Glad you asked 🙂 We have three focus areas:


Android will be re-launched! We regret the delay to all you Androiders, but the development is now in process and will come to testing during this summer.


We have many interesting action packs coming up! Themes include self-compassion, creativity, healthy weight, practicing daily gratitude, being your own boss, etc.


We’ve been working on YOU-app now for 2 years with a deep values focus. We’ve clearly done something right as the community in the app is overwhelming – many of you have found in YOU-app a safe, positive, supportive place.

A virtual communities researcher from Zurich recently wrote:

As a researcher I see for the first time all the phenomena I was thinking and writing about, without being able to observe them in the field. It feels like meeting a unicorn for real.”

Next up we’ll see what more we could do for the community – meetups, allowing users to complete others’ actions, etc.


Thank you to the whole community for everything so far.

We hope you’ll let us continue to develop YOU with you and  for you for a long time to come.


With love,

the YOU-team