Goals are a beautiful thing. When you have a goal, you have a direction in life. But reaching that goal can be tricky. Research reveals the simple secret to reaching your goals: coaching.

Are you dreaming of waking up each day filled with energy? Would you like to stress less? Maybe you’re looking to beat procrastination, up your creativity or boost your self-esteem?

You know that setting goals is smart.
But it can feel a bit overwhelming at times, too.
In fact, sometimes you might even get a little tired of your goal.

You can tell us, we don’t mind. We’ve been there too.


“The word fell like a hard stone, and the resolve with it: “Enough”.”

The goal was there – the follow-through wasn’t

Our team’s COO Nora long had a goal of reducing stress. All the usual – work less hours, be okay with imperfect deliverables, stop procrastinating about the difficult but important things, stop being so frazzled and busy all the time.

Stress reduction and balance were always the goal, but in the day-to-day no progress was made.

Then late one night in front of the laptop did it. The word fell like a hard stone, and the resolve with it: “Enough”. Enough of “wanting” to achieve balance. Enough of “starting next week”. Enough of “one day”. The journey towards reaching the goal would start now.

She wrote down her goal, plain and simple.
She created a long list of small, doable actions and habits that would take her closer to that goal.
She figured out a few times per day when she’d deliberately do one of her small actions.
And most importantly – she shared her goal with a few friends.


“Sharing is one of the most wonderful parts of being human.”

Sharing – she simple secret to meeting your goals

Sharing is one of the most wonderful parts of being human. Think about how it feels to tell a friend about your exciting road trip plans, or share good news with your co-workers.

When you share your goals with someone, you become accountable for them. You’ve declared your intentions, which gives you even more motivation to make the change you want to make.
Telling someone about your goals is thrilling. It makes them real, tangible. It’s no longer a “one day” dream. It’s a real change that you are making happen in your life.

What made Nora eventually successful in reaching her goal was sharing it. Saying it aloud made it come real, and most importantly: she was accountable. On the days when she didn’t feel she had the energy to take a small step towards her goal, the one thing that kept her going was knowing that two of her friends would follow up with her. That someone else besides her cared, and that they were rooting for her.

Practical Actions + Real Support = Sustainable Change


That’s why we created YOU-app coaching.
Since launch YOU-app’s powerful and beautiful micro-actions have touched and changed tens of thousands of lives. That makes us immensely proud!

But we know we can do more.
So we dug into the research: What truly helps people stick to and reach their goals?
The research confirmed our personal experience: sharing your goals.

The simple act of sharing your goal with someone else and keeping you accountable for it can do wonders to our motivation. But only relying on your spouse of friends is not the best strategy. First of all, your loved ones will be heavily biased, and secondly, they may need the same changes as you do. To get some healthy objectivity, experts recommend getting a coach.


“A coach becomes like a trusted friend who wants the best for you, and will help you get there.”

So what is a coach?

A coach is a person who helps you figure out the strategies, actions, habits and routines that will help you reach your goals. A coach will listen, provide support and guidance, give you tips and tools – and kick you in the butt when you need it.
A coach becomes like a trusted friend who wants the best for you, and will help you get there.

Does coaching work?

This is a great question. There’s a lot of research on coaching and the results are very compelling: in a large survey of over 15,000 organizations 97% of coached individuals were very satisfied with the process. A recent meta-analysis concluded that coaching has significant positive results on the individual’s performance, skills, wellbeing, coping and attitudes.

In short, coaching really does work – it can help you reach your goals, get there faster, and get better results than you would have gotten on your own.

To this end, YOU-app is delighted to introduce our brand new 5-week coaching experience where you’ll partner with an experienced coach to achieve your goals in doable, practical steps.


“97% of coached individuals were very satisfied with the process”

We’d Like To Invite You To Tell Us All About Your Goals

Whatever you want to achieve, come on in and tell us about it. We’d love to help you get there – and celebrate with you when you do!

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