September is the ideal month for goal setting. With a few months left of 2017 any goals you set will be short enough to grasp, but long enough to make a real impact on your life.

Read how YOU-coach Amanda makes September her New Year and how you can make sure you deliver on your wishes for 2017.


During the last summer days out in the beautiful Finnish archipelago, with the sun warming my face and the taste of saltwater in my mouth after my morning swim, I start gazing towards the autumn.

This is the time of year when I sit down and evaluate my life.

Where am I? Where do I want to be? What will I do the next few months to get there?

For many years I have kicked off the autumn with mapping my dreams, aspirations and goals. The autumn is my New Year – a time for resolutions and change. And this year is no different.


“The autumn is my New Year – a time for resolutions and change.”


Here’s the 3-step process I follow

(In his brilliant book Stick with it: A Scientifically Proven Process for Changing Your Life – for Good, Ph.D. Sean Young presents a similar framework, where he calls these steps Dreams, Goals and Steps):

Step 1: The Destination

I start by defining where I am and where I want to be. What are my aspirations and goals? Not only that, this is when I look back and congratulate myself on what I’m already doing well!

For example:

My aspiration (the destination) is to have my own business, be my own boss and take enough time for family.

I am happy with my current work situation – definitely something worth celebrating as the leap to become an entrepreneur was quite something!

Going forward, I want to cultivate my work-life balance as a new mom and entrepreneur.


“This is also a time to look back and congratulate myself on what I’m already doing well”

Step 2: The Map

When I know where I am and where I want to go I start highlighting the areas that will bring me closer to my destination.

To reach better work-life balance I’ve identified three focus areas for this autumn:
1) self-compassion,
2) being mindful of my use of technology, and
3) cultivating happiness.

Step 3: The Concrete Steps


“Without the concrete steps, my goals will forever be just that – goals”


Then comes the crucial part: defining the concrete steps. What will I do tomorrow? What can I do today?

What small steps can I take in order to really celebrate the small achievements everyday, be mindful of my use of technology and be present with what I am doing?

Some of my daily actions to support this autumn’s goals include:
“Talk to yourself as a friend” (self-compassion)
“Don’t multi-task – concentrate” (mindful technology)
“Make time for a passion” (cultivating happiness)

Without concrete steps, my goals will forever be just that – goals.

Try it out yourself and make the last months of 2017 rock!


Need a hand to help you get there?

Drawing the destination and the map, steps 1 and 2, is usually not that hard. It’s the concrete steps between the current situation and my goals that usually calls for assistance and where I’m finding I’m spending more and more time myself.

Need a bit of help? There is a lot of power in receiving the small steps you need, right now.

So as an experienced coach I joined the YOU-team to bring the power of a personalized micro-action package to all of you – for as low a cost as possible.

By simply getting in touch with us I will dip into the unique 1,000+ YOU micro-action library and select the 21 actions – 3 week’s worth – that support you and your goals for the rest of 2017.

Let’s together draw you the path to your goals!


Best, YOU-coach Amanda