Orion Corporation, a globally operating Finnish pharmaceutical company, and Fifth Corner Inc., a Finnish startup developing scalable digital coaching solutions, have started a collaboration on developing a solution to support prostate cancer patients living their daily lives with the devastating disease they have.

The collaboration kicked off from an innovation challenge facilitated by Vertical. Combining the findings with previous research, the goal is to get a clear view of what support the patients crave in addition to medical treatment.

Prostate cancer is the second most common cancer. It usually progresses slowly and in most cases the patient dies from something unrelated. In other words, the patient may live with the disease for very long and experience both physical and mental stress in the different phases of treatment. In some cases the medical assessment may be that it’s best to only follow up the progress without any treatments because the cancer is growing so slowly. However, research shows this approach can be even more stressful for the patient than getting treatment. Studies have also found that patients experience more anxiety and depression after treatment than during it. It’s clear that prostate cancer patients need support no matter what their prognosis or treatment plan is.

Fifth Corner Inc. uses personalized programs of micro-actions and digitally scaled human coaches to support people in building sustainable, healthy routines, taking their personal life situation and challenges into account. The long-term joint ambition of Orion Corporation and Fifth Corner Inc. is to build on the research to co-create solutions that meet the patients’ holistic needs in a patient-centered yet scalable way, making access to the necessary support more widely available.

Further Info:
Nelli Såger
CEO, Fifth Corner Inc.
[email protected]