We raise our glasses in a toast. The music in the bar is loud, the afterwork crowd just getting started. The bubbles in our craft beers and lemonades are rising upwards, striving towards the surface. It’s a fitting image for a startup – always striving upwards, onwards.
But today, we’ve reached a surface of sorts. Because it’s not a regular afterwork with the team. We’re celebrating becoming part of Hintsa Performance.
It’s the end of an era, but it’s also the beginning of the next one.
Everyone is smiling, reminiscent but grateful.

“Billions of happy, healthy humans”

Our entrepreneurial journey started with a big bang. “Jamie Oliver joins Finnish startup”, read the headlines in January 2015. In a few short weeks we went from being an unknown Helsinki-based startup to working with celebrities. The extremes continued in the years that followed. We grew immensely in the consumer space, we published a book with Penguin that sold to nine countries, and we fostered a loyal global community even recognized by academics. We may not have reached billions as our mission outlined, but we did get into the millions. And boy, did those change stories move us. Despite the growth, mobile monetization proved challenging, and we eventually found our business model in corporate coaching – focusing especially on stress and mental wellbeing.

Over the years, however, one thing remained: the power of small actions, ‘micro-actions’, to create sustainable and significant behavioral change. If possible, it’s even more relevant today than five years ago. That’s one of the things we’re taking with us to our new owner.

“Better life, better performance”

Hintsa Performance is, in many ways, our dream home. Born out of decades of expertise in sustainable high performance by Dr Aki Hintsa and a wide network of leading experts, Hintsa helps people live better and perform better.

Any doctor can cure your physical symptoms, and any personal trainer can create an effective exercise regimen – but few see you, as a whole human. That’s what Hintsa does: they combine world-class medical expertise and physical exercise with the newest science on mental wellbeing and cognitive performance. Today, Hintsa is perhaps the world’s premier coaching house – from Formula 1 to FTSE 500, athletes and modern organisations alike are turning to Hintsa to better deal with a changing world.

The Hintsa philosophy of holistic wellbeing has not only stood the test of time, it is today more relevant than ever. Modern employees are facing pressure like never before – at work and at home. That’s one of the things that drew us to Hintsa: their coaching is personal, and truly holistic – fix back pain, get in shape, sleep better, ease your stress, work with more meaning. In short, come as you are, work on what matters to you. A professional will help you there.

To all of you at YOU

The YOU-community has been an immensely important part of our journey. In many ways, it has perhaps been the most meaningful part. We founders can readily admit to taking out your letters and messages, filled with love, support and life-changing stories, when times have been tough. Your continued support means the world to us.

So what does this change in ownership mean? In the immediate future, nothing will change. The app will be supported, the free content will remain free, and you can keep completing actions – just like before. We do not, however, know exactly what the future will bring. And we won’t pretend to know, but we will keep you informed.

This is what we do know: the mission will continue, and our commitment to it is as steadfast as ever. We hope you will remain a part of it.

A new chapter

We are beyond excited to join Hintsa. Over the past five years we’ve seen the wellbeing space develop – where there was yoga, Fitbits and fresh fruit organized by an HR assistant only a few years ago, today mental wellbeing is a top management priority. These are the questions on our clients’ minds: How can we help employees better deal with pressure? How can we measure and improve workforce wellbeing? How do we create a culture where the next generation of talent wants to work? These are the questions that we, as a part of Hintsa, will be much better positioned to answer.

There will be changes. Part of the team will continue in new roles at Hintsa, others will move on. Part of what we’ve built will remain, other parts will change. And that’s okay, it’s all part of the natural evolution of business.

If we’ve learned one thing on our entrepreneurial journey, it’s this: you shouldn’t become too attached to things – be it a product, a feature, an office or a logo. Those things change, as they should.

What remains is this: good friendships, beautiful memories, valuable learnings, healthy routines, positive impact, the moments of laughter and tears that carve a lasting trace in your soul. We have a treasure chest of these from the past five years – we hope you do, too.


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With gratitude,
The YOU-team – Nelli, Nora, Ira, Anqqa, Amanda, Fanny, Mikko, Pekka, and everyone else who has been a part of our journey – today or in the past.

Read the official press release here.