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Organizations don’t change. People change.

In the modern workplace, employees are more likely to feel exhausted than engaged. This is a huge problem. Because to succeed, organizations need talent with the ability for peak performance, creativity and life-long learning

Fifth Corner Inc. leverages the latest scientific thinking on health, work engagement and behavior change. Our personalized and science-based service helps your employees conquer stress and be productive and healthy at workAnd with technology we deliver it at scale.

We help modern knowledge workers manage themselves, their work and their wellbeing

A stressed-out, exhausted employee will not perform. Energized, balanced humans, on the other hand, can propel your organization to success.

Micro-behavioral change = sustainable change

Research shows that ‘behavioral learning’ is much more effective than ‘knowledge learning’.

To succeed, employees need to practice new behaviors, one by one, on the job.

1,000+ science-based micro-actions

Our unique library of 1,000+ research-based micro-actions cover stress, health, productivity and self-leadership.

Micro-actions are simple behavioral interventions applicable from top management to shop floor.

An individualized experience

Everyone’s goals are different. With experienced coaches and technology we ensure every individual gets the micro-actions and support they need.

We don’t just teach – we deliver quantified results

Micro-actions and surveys provide an ongoing ‘pulse’ into the health of the organization – giving both quantifiable results and deep insights.


“The effect of micro-actions is extremely powerful! A few minutes of morning reading means time for reflection during the day, like small seeds of improvement”

“At first I was skeptical. Then little by little I got hooked. The most amazing thing was realizing after two weeks that my life management skills had improved, how I approached life had changed and that I had started taking more responsibility for my own wellbeing.”

“Amazing experience and very valuable step-wise guideline to coach me to learn and improve myself”


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