YOU-app is small steps for a happier, healthier you.

You can’t dream your way to a goal. You have to practice new behaviors – one by one.

YOU-app makes change easy. Through small, concrete micro-actions and a pre-determined path the app gives you a clear next step – so you can start today.

Stick with it for just a minute per day. Over time, small actions add up to large change.

1 + 1 + 1 + … = A LOT

Bite-sized actions

Research shows lasting change happens best in small steps.

Our 1,000 science-based actions give you daily ‘aha-moments’ – while moving you forward.

Improve your health, wellbeing or productivity

Choose topics that matter to you – be it exercise, happiness, productivity, stress or self-compassion

A personal, visual diary

Your actions are documented in a personal, visual diary so you can follow your journey – one micro-action at a time

Inspiration from the YOU community

You can stay private or share your journey with thousands of likeminded people around the world


“It’s incredible how much has changed in the last months. Especially when it comes to self-love, leaving my comfort zone, ending procrastination or focusing on the right things”

-Nina, Germany

“Why waste time on social media if you can use it in YOU-app to better yourself? There’s no way to tell you the impact this wonderful app and community has had on my life, so instead I strongly encourage you to try it for yourself”


“Support from the community has been amazing, being able to share without judgment was healing. The actions push me out of my comfort zone. Most of all I am happy.”

-Lucy, UK