with your personalized 3-week action path

Tell us where you want to go – we draw you the map to get there.

You get:

– 3 weeks of micro-actions, selected by an experienced coach from our 1,000+ actions to fit your unique situation

– A personalized starting report

– Ongoing support and tips from our coaches

– Tools to identify and build your individual ‘keystone habits’

– Access to a global community for daily support!

$29.99 for 3 weeks

Available on iOS only (for now)



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YOU actions helped Kim over hard times

“YOU app works for me. Working on micro-actions every day, then suddenly there is an ‘A-ha!’ moment. Life changing realizations occur seemingly effortlessly when the effort was broken down into many small tasks every day.

– Kim, Canada


Goals are a beautiful thing. With a goal, you have a direction in life!

But how to get there? 

You tell us all about your goals – we draw you the map to reach it.

We have 1,000+ research-based micro-actions on stress, exercise, work habits, mindfulness, self-compassion and much more.

You’ll get the actions that will truly move you forward, every day. 


Our brains are hardwired to resist change. 

Micro-actions work by making change easy: they give you focus and a clear next step.

Because action always beats good intentions.

Stick with it for just a few minutes per day. Over time, small actions add up to large change.

1+1+1+ … = A LOT


“We are all perfectly imperfect – this is an important starting point for the journey ahead. I have supported more than 400 individuals on their personal development path. I believe in people and their ability to change and create a happy life for themselves. I also believe in support. My role is to help you commit to your values and act based upon them.”

Amanda Backholm is one of the YOU coaches

YOU actions helped Sarah reduce stress

“I had long told myself that ‘Next Monday I will get a grip and revamp my life – I’ll stress less, work smarter and take more time for self-care’. It was always ‘next Monday’.

With the personalized actions in YOU I had no more excuses. I got a simple, doable action every day. And over time, those small nudges really made a difference”

– Sarah, US


1. Get in touch and tell us all about your goals in a quick survey

2. Our experienced coach chooses 21 of our 1,000+ micro-actions as your personal path for change

3. Experiment – try out your new behaviors for 3 weeks!

4. Receive the tools to identify your ‘keystone habits’ and continue your journey!

I’m ready to reach my goals!

Get me started on my personalized action path

It’s only $29.99 for 3 weeks of personalized micro-actions


– A personalized starting report

– 3 weeks of actions, selected by an experienced coach to fit your unique goal and situation

– Ongoing support and tips from our coaches

– Tools to identify and build your individual ‘keystone habits’

– Access to a global community for daily support!

(Available on iOS only for now)

$29.99 for 3 weeks of actions – only $1.4 per day!

What will your personalized action path look like?