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“This app and community have helped me through the hardest 6 months of my life. My husband left me and I started a challenging new job. Having suffered from mental health issues most of my life everyone expected me to crumble, including myself.

Support from the community has been amazing, being able to share without judgment was healing. I have grown as a person and now practice mindfulness on a daily basis. The actions push me out of my comfort zone.

Most of all I am happy.”

-Lucy, England

Morning coffee - a chance to pause

“I tend to procrastinate things (eating better, moving more etc) YOU-app is a gentle push to do more.

The amazing thing is that is different from all other apps that are only success oriented, there’s room for goofyness, not so instagrammable photos, and even some lazyness!

YOU-app kinda says ‘hey it’s good having you here, we are doing this, want to join?'”

-Martina, Italy


“It has literally changed how I live. It has opened my mind and heart and allowed me to get a true balance in my life.

All the small actions have encouraged me to find happiness inside that matches my external persona.

If you haven’t embraced this app yet… do so! Highly recommend it 💕”

-Cate, New Zealand

Tech timeout

“You are not alone in this. Seeing others go to the same “struggles”. The support, the kindness, everything.

You can see through your pictures that you achieve things. Little and big ones.

You learn from others, getting tips. Through the actions you become more aware of the world outside of your four walls.”

-José, Netherlands

“I find that I am more mindful of what I am feeling and observing as I go through the day!

I take the time to find something that fits the “tasks” assigned to me each day. I am taking time to breathe during the day instead of rush-rush-rush.

Thank you for helping me see that it’s not only ok but necessary to focus on me once and awhile!”

-Tammy, USA

Good eating habit #1 - chuck down on humble H2O

“Try it, you will love it and you will love yourself a little more! 

I have a spot in my heart for YOU-app. It makes me happy to open it and see what micro action I can do.

In a world where a lot is about competition and comparing, this is an app with a community that only shares love, encouragement and motivation.”

-Karina, Sweden


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